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Filing System Accessories

Shop the best accessories for your filing style.

Please note 1/5-cut tabs are included when purchasing hanging files.

Filing Style
1/5 Tab 1/3 Tab Binders
Tab 1/5 Cut
Tabs, 1/5-Cut 1
Tab 1/3 Cut
Tabs, 1/3-Cut
Hanging Files
Hanging Files
Top-Tabbed Folders 1/3 Cut
Folder Protectors
Label Protectors
Interior Sleeves
Project/Interior File Sleeves 2 2
Filing Containers
File Containers
Tabbed Binder Pockets 1/3 Cut
Binder Pockets
View Binders
Binder Guards
Binder Guards
Binder Clips
Binder Clips
Label Pen
Labeling Pen

1. FreedomFiler 1/3 Tab filing systems include main topic labels for either 1/5-cut or 1/3-cut hanging file tabs.
2. Sleeves can be placed inside a hanging file or folder. Labels are provided with Interior File or Projects filing system extensions.