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Kathi, St. Louis MO

My personal organizer introduced me to FreedomFiler a few years ago & I love it. I have ADHD. This is the first filing system that I have ever been able to actually use effectively—mostly because it removes so much of the decision-making that used to paralyze me. When you can think of half a dozen ways to identify any single file, creating your own system becomes overwhelming for neuro-typical people. Neuro-diverse people often find these tasks impossible to accomplish without help. I have recommended you to many people in my social-media support groups over the past few years, since paper-organizing is truly one of the major obstacles we face in life. Thank you again for a truly life-saving product that has enabled me to function more like the adult I am. It gives me peace and confidence I've never had before, and alleviates the fear of losing important things. Trust me when I say this is life-altering and empowering in ways you may never understand. I am deeply grateful.

B. Glowacki, Gold River CA

Sold! Your product is aptly named. I have been a slave to my filing for the past thirty years and have finally been given my freedom! Thank you! This is the best way of organizing personal files BY FAR! Unwittingly, I have been filing trash throughout my files for years. Once you use this system, you totally get it. I ordered a new lateral filing cabinet. Each lateral drawer held two filing sections. This created four filing columns: two in the top drawer and two in the bottom. This was perfect for FreedomFiler! The top-left drawer is my Monthly and top-right is my Permanent and Remove/Replace. These are the most used categories and kept in the top drawer for easy access. The bottom-left holds my alternate year Monthly and the bottom-right my Archive for taxes. Both are the least often accessed folders. Perfect. Each year I just swap the bottom-left folders with my top-left!

N. Barth, Orange County CA

My organizer, Karen Embree, of Creative Organized Solutions in Orange County, CA, introduced me to FreedomFiler. FreedomFiler is saving my life!! I finally feel organized in a way I can continue to maintain. I LOVE the Remove/Replace files and the ODD/EVEN Tax files—they do what I needed to do and couldn’t figure out how to do. She was just here again today, and we finished organizing my files. Then she helped me organize files for work. I’m a special education teacher. We used the action file concept for all the paperwork I have to do for IEP planning. Then we made Resource file labels for all the papers I need for my lessons. I am SO ready for school to start now!! I love FreedomFiler!! I’m just blown away by the simplicity of this system.

P. Stanton, R.N., Mother of Three, Del Mar CA

My life before FreedomFiler was organized chaos, as opposed to total chaos. I was left praying to the powers that be for a way to get things together and keep them that way. FreedomFiler has reduced my “worry quotient” by 10,000 percent! EVERYBODY should have FreedomFiler. Then we’d be free to have more fun together! My favorite parts are the “Monthly” sections and the section for the manuals that accompany appliances, DVD players, answering machines, cell phones etc. Give a date and I know where to find the info. Now I can fish out a manual and program anything.

A. Allshouse, Cooking Coach, Mother of Four, San Diego CA

As soon as I started using my FreedomFiler it was like clearing away skeletons in the closet. I always felt a lack of confidence about being organized and taking on new projects. I thought there was something wrong with me that I always had paper piles and felt powerless to defeat them. The FreedomFiler completely changes all that. I want each of my older kids to have one to so they don’t go through the struggles that I did. It’s like having a template for your life.

Judy J.

Thanks for a FANTASTIC system. FreedomFiler has changed my life. I have trouble making decisions. This eliminates obsessing over what to do with the piles of paper coming over my desk. Now I know what to do with them and it is such a relief and joy!! FYI I have two sets, one for myself and one for my daughter.

C. Underwood, Former Paper Packrat, Kansas City MO

Paper is—and always has been—my nemesis. I am enamored by your product because, for the first time, I have papers put away in files rather than piles. As an out-of-sight-out-of-mind paper packrat, I am overjoyed by the simplicity of your system. I feel like I can finally be like other people who have this problem licked!

Lisa, Spring Hill FL

I have to tell you that I absolutely love your filing system. I feel like I can finally put my hands on anything I need, whenever I need it, for the very first time in my entire life! Your product is a lifesaver. FreedomFiler is something everyone should use. I can’t believe I tried to wing-it for so many years. 

V. P., Fort Valley GA

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your filing system is just what I needed. It’s as if you knew exactly what I was thinking. The heavy burden I had for 5 years has been lifted. I can finally know what to do with all the paper.

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Ease of Use

J. Barber, San Diego CA

I love using the FreedomFiler system, mainly because I don’t have to think about how I’m going to file papers anymore! It’s very easy to set up. The initial purging of your old documents takes the most time, but the simple guides help you through. I kept all of the leftover labels I didn’t use, because I may use them in the future. So far I have recommended the system to my sister and my girlfriend, and am now in the process of making up a portable filing system for my daughter who recently graduated from college and is starting her first job. I am hoping that this system will help her on her way to becoming financially responsible by keeping her bills and important documents in one place. The other FreedomFiler I just purchased will be going to another girlfriend who dreads doing bills and filing. I think she’ll really appreciate the ease of this system. Thank you again for a wonderful system!

Susan M., New City NY

Thank you! FreedomFiler completely logical and a wonderful system, totally unlike the way I handled files before. I was afraid to throw anything away for fear of needing it, so I either had folders with single pieces of paper in them, or retained files for years (things like phone bills, every update provided from insurance companies, etc.) that no longer have any use and are cluttering up my home. This system is the first I’ve come across that makes complete sense and seems that it will be a cinch to maintain. Thanks for your responses to my questions!

K. Chu

I was excited to try FreedomFiler and get our filing system more streamlined. I love how it’s a self-cleaning system where papers can just be tossed after two years, without having to comb through tons of paper. I am able to just keep what is essential long term. It also keeps important documents in an easy-to-find manner. I’ve found you can make this as specific or as general as you’d like—whatever fits your lifestyle best. I recommend it for anyone looking to organize all of the paperwork of life!


I LOVE FreedomFiler. I used to file everything by category (water, mortgage, electric, gas, etc.) and resisted the FreedomFiler approach to just putting everything in the month I receive the bill or receipt. But, since taking a leap of faith, I have fallen in love with this approach to filing and am able to find anything I look for quickly and easily. And, filing bills and receipts is SO much easier and faster than filing each it its own folder. Thanks FreedomFiler for making my life simpler!

C. Hustus, Avon Park FL

Thank you for the support! It’s a great system; we absolutely love it. I’ve purchased other things like books, programs and seminars to try and organize the paper mess but nothing worked. Not only was your program easy to set up, it just made so much sense. It works for me and the monthly note to change folders is kind of an added reminder that I am finally successful at keeping the “Big Paper Monster” under control.

D. L. Langford

I love FreedomFiler! I’ve tried many other systems and this is the only one that both my husband and I could easily understand and use. And he has been able to adapt it for his business. I gave one to my oldest son who is an accountant and he loves it too. I give them as wedding gifts. It’s a wonderful way to get a family started out on the right foot.

R. Husslage, Mother of Three, Rye NH

I LOVE this filing system! At first I was reluctant as I filed by subject (e.g., “Receipts”, “Electric Bills”) but filing by month turned out to be a much easier way to file items and find them quickly. I’ve been using FreedomFiler for two years now and it truly is a “maintenance free” system. Try it and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

Bill F., Engineer, Carlsbad CA

Terrifically functional! AND beautifully presented! Wonderful product beginning to end; the Q&A insert detailing the rationale for specific filing decisions is a spot-on reference helpfully covering a great many relevant situations. Best wishes for wide recognition and acceptance of this simple but powerful product!

S. Andress

  • Great quality
  • Love that there are plenty of labels to choose from but I can also create my own
  • Love how it organizes everything for me
  • Easy to transfer each year’s files
  • REALLY does make filing more fun

If you have issues with filing stuff, I HIGHLY recommend this. Be sure to read the booklet first.

Jennifer J, Client of Simplified Living Solutions, St. Louis MO

Thank you so much for recommending the FreedomFiler system to me. I initially didn’t want to spend the money, but it was worth EVERY penny. Every important paper has a place to go, and the annual transition is SO much smoother. It really has taken my filing stress away!

M. Deraney, NAPO Chapter President, Atlanta GA

I would like to thank Sherry Denton of The Orderly Touch, for introducing me to the FreedomFiler. The system has shaved HOURS off of my “office work” time and actually made it fun to sit at a desk!!! This system is a must have for business and home use. Happy filing!!

S. Thurstone

I would highly recommend the FreedomFiler. FreedomFiler is easy to use. It makes keeping track of your important files very simple. If you follow the instructions it also keeps you from hanging onto documents unnecessarily and for too long.

P. S. Cheatwood, Bakersfield CA

I recently ordered FreedomFiler and I absolutely love it! It was so easy to set up and it makes so much sense. It has actually been fun to get going and get organized. I have recommended FreedomFiler to my family and friends. Thank you!

Anonymous, Poway CA

I had just completed the ODD/EVEN year switch when your email reminder came. I experienced SUCH a sense of satisfaction at how easy the FreedomFiler system is to maintain. Thanks for creating such a great product!

D. Workman, Hampton GA

The FreedomFiler is FABULOUS!!!! I just implemented it for the New Year and absolutely love it. I can not only file in a jiffy, but find the items I need in nanoseconds. I feel so much freer! I truly love this system.

R. Murray

FreedomFiler is great for organizing your files. It’s a logical system to keep you on track of what is paid, needs to be handled, filed, and/or tossed. I highly recommend FreedomFiler.

K. Wesley

FreedomFiler is a great product and very easy to use. It includes a nice instructional booklet to help with set up. I would definitely recommend!

R. Rhett, Entertainment Lawyer, Del Mar CA

The FreedomFiler just works better. It’s a product that works with your O.C.D. and not against it. I’m going to set one up for my mother too.

M. Jokela , Property Manager , Oakland CA

What I like best about the FreedomFiler is that I don’t have to think. It’s like having a full time filing assistant manage my files for me.

S. Locey, Bayfield WI

I already have my taxes done by the first week of the New Year thanks to the FreedomFiler system!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


FreedomFiler is a great product. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the system. It makes filing a whole lot easier.

A. Huang, Ottawa ON Canada

I love my FreedomFiler! All my files are set up for the New Year without any sweat or tears.

K. Hock

FreedomFiler is so easy to use. I finally have a system that works. I’ll never have to spend days purging my files again.

M. Buesing

I was able to easily reorganize my entire filing system in only a few hours.

S. Hough

What a great way to organize. I wish I would have had this forty years ago!

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Denise, Business Owner, St. Louis MO

I want to thank you for the best filing system I have ever used. My husband’s office is in our home so the process of maintaining both business and personal files has always been overwhelming for both of us. I ordered the FreedomFiler system and was very pleased with how quickly it arrived. My husband left for an out of town trip and I started to work on his office and home filing system. Normally you would not think of redoing someone’s filing system without the person being with you every step of the way, but, after reading through the set-up instructions and feeling confident that this would prove to be the most easily maintained system, I did not hesitate. The set-up instructions sent with the system are very easily understood. They are straight forward and the added bonus of the photo quality examples made it a snap to implement. I did not feel overwhelmed by the process of going through all of my current files. I set up the system and as suggested began the process of filing in the correct folder starting today. As a document or bill was needed we retrieved it from our old system and filed it in the FreedomFiler system. As new mail and documents arrived we filed them in the correct FreedomFiler folder. My husband has been amazed at how clean the top of his desk has become and how easily we both have been able to retrieve something when needed. I think what we like the most is how easily it is to file something because of the intuitive logical method of the FreedomFiler system. Again thank you for an excellent filing system and helping us become and remain organized.

KC, St. Petersburg FL

After twenty-five years of marriage and homeschooling two kids, our household four drawer file cabinet was stuffed and I had two very large piles of things to file. I went online looking for organizational ideas and came across FreedomFiler. I read everything I could about it and then bought it. It was super easy to set up. (FYI, switched to lateral file cabinet too.) I love how neat and organized my file cabinet is now. I love how visual it is and how intuitive it is to use. I like that I could start right away with that first day’s mail. I like the monthly email reminding me to change out folders. I like having a personal Resource section and Active files. I’m still applying the fifteen-minute rule in going through my old file cabinet, but with this new system I don't dread filing like I used to!

S. M., Minneapolis MN

I love FreedomFiler! I used to keep documents scattered in random piles and in various bags. You can imagine how chaotic my life was. But...a few years ago I learned about FreedomFiler from the folks at LearnDoBecome.com, ordered it and my world has been rocked :) I enjoyed setting up my personal system and filing my documents in an orderly manner. And each year, when I am preparing to have my taxes done? Voila! Everything is exactly where it should be - tucked away in one of my color-coded files! I loooove it. Thanks for all you do.

Karen, Small Business Owner, Pollock Pines CA

I found your system listed online and decided to try it when one day I couldn’t close my filing cabinet. Once the system arrived, I started with the supplies I already had and began sorting papers. After shredding tax returns from 1995(!) and documents for cars we no longer had (among other things) I took the twelve bags of shredded paper to be recycled. THANK YOU! It's the best investment I've ever made for the office.

T. Pearson, The Woodlands TX

I am so thrilled with this system! As I was explaining to my husband, it is absolutely simple in its brilliance (and I’m gently kicking myself that I hadn’t figured it out prior to this). In a day and a half, all of my old files are cleared out and almost three years of “back-filing” has been completedMy desk is clear, and so is my mind. This is a terrific product that is worth every penny.

Anonymous, Charlotte NC

Thanks for getting back to me. I love your product! It has changed my office from a state of clutter (with stacks of paperwork) to a neat organized space. I knew there was value in grouping and color-coding, but never found a “system” until I found yours. Will be showing a friend. I hope she’ll see the value and decide to purchase one.

Brooke H.

I can't tell you the amount of stuff I have gotten rid of out of my file drawers after switching to this simple, self cleansing system. I am in love with the ease of setting this up and getting organized. The book that comes with the labels explains the different ways you can set up and use your system.

Anne O., Busy Coordinator and Wife, Philadelphia PA

FreedomFiler enabled me to clear a desk that was overloaded with piles of paper into a usable work space within two weeks. I know where the bills are now, and if they are processed. I can find anything I file, and that’s what helps me to keep organized.

O. Lopatin

I am now with only one file box instead of eight. It works for me in that it gives you a booklet with ideas and examples. Color-coding files helps me to easily locate things. FreedomFiler is worth it!!!!!

J. Gaffney, La Jolla CA

I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted. I am shocked by how much paperwork disappeared into such a small file system and how much I was able to throw away!

R. Carlile

If you truly want to get your stuff together, get this ASAP! I was able to get rid of over half my paper clutter. I’m super happy. Just make sure to get enough hanging folders tabs!

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My Filing Is Finished!


This product has reduced my piles. Now, everything has a place and is easy to find. The system does the organizing for me. My husband and I can find anything we need in an instant, nothing gets buried anymore. This year is the first year we will not have to go through the “getting ready” to do the taxes step, because everything is already filed and ready to go. The labels are easy to read, the instructions are clear and concise and even let you know what supplies you will need to get set up. There is enough flexibility in the system to personalize it, but not so much that you are creating a system within a system. I am trying to think of a drawback, but the only regret I have regarding this system is that I didn’t begin using it sooner. I absolutely love it!

J. Schroy

After moving with fifty years of accumulated documents, I needed to reorganize my files. First I bought hanging folders and plastic tabs which I hand labeled which was a complete disaster. Next I tried a colored labeling system for special plastic tabs that you had to label with your printer. Another disasterFinally I found FreedomFiler. Now my documents cover a rather complicated life: many accounts, properties, moves, assets, businesses, trusts, legal matters, etc. My surprise was that I did not need to print any labels at all. The tabs only took seconds to detach and insert into standard plastic holders. The system is well designed and easy to use. Well worth the money.


I recommend this kit to everyone I know. Anytime I have something that needs to be filed I don't hesitate and I go to my filing cabinet and put it away. I like the “Getting Things Done” by Dave Allen motto: if you can do it in two minutes do it! My life is so much easier! Whenever we need some sort of paperwork it is faster to get the hardcopy than to find the softcopy. So simple—find it by color and nameThe colors stand out and the stickers are great. I love the Resource section, so I admit to having a few extra files; however, I did throw away bags of papers before I started and that was a huge relief! My office has stayed clean for over a year!

M. Allison

Initially I thought this system was a little overpriced, but I was desperate to get my files organized. FreedomFiler came quickly and I was able to get it all put together in an afternoon thanks to the easy to follow instructions. While printing out some tabs on the extra blanks I accidentally printed another document over the whole sheet, thus ruining them. I sent an email to the company explaining what I did and got an immediate answer that they were shipping me out some replacement that day! Wonderful customer service and support. My filing cabinet looks great and every paper that comes into my home has a place to go now—worth every penny!


I read on a blog recommending this highly for a system to organize your paper work. I thought it was way too pricy and tried to find some alternatives. But after digging around for awhile, I couldn’t find anything that I liked and the process of creating my own just takes way too much time so I decided to get it nonetheless.
I just finished reorganizing my file system and I have to say I am loving this. I finally found a good system that truly make sense and helps me put everything in a good system—one that actually make sense to me. I no longer need to think where I should store my credit card statements and how to establish a good routine for the management.

Jane S.

FINALLY!!! I have drowned in my paperwork for years. This system took some doing to set up. I had my daughter help me and I am so very glad I did. We had it licked in about four hours. FreedomFiler is curiously intuitive and extraordinarily streamline. I finally know exactly where each paper SHOULD go and have a place for EVERY important paper! Say goodbye to stacks of paper! Say goodbye to anything labeled "Misc."... there is no such thing with this system! I LOVE IT!! So put on your big girl pants and take a dive into getting organized and efficient, you will be so proud of yourself, Just Do It!

K. Smith, Fallbrook CA

The FreedomFiler has changed the flow of paper through our entire house. The paper actually moves from the mail to a file and replaces any existing paper that needs to be thrown out—all in one step. It is amazing. It’s set up so that it is right next to my desk and I use it on a daily basis. It has saved so much time, energy and thought. Every paper that comes in has a place to go. For me – the paper would just sit out on the counter for a month or so and now it moves right along. Our home is a different place. It is so much more clean and organized. It feels so nice!

B. Jones, Gemologist, London UK

After setting up and using my system, I was most struck by how easy it was to file all my papers. I found the “Catch All”, “Remove/Replace”, and “Resource” sections particularly helpful. The “Quick Index” is a work of art—I found this to be a terrific roadmap to the system. I also liked the accuracy of the headings for all my filing needs. I’ve begun relying on this system immediately. The best part about it is that now I’m set up for life. PS Now my filing system looks so good I actually prefer to keep the cover off.

M. Jenkins

The FreedomFiler approach to organizing information has worked well for my family for almost 20 years. The kit makes it easy to set up a filing system. The pre-printed labels work for both simple and more complex information divisions. My wife and I like the system so much we bought the kit for our kids as they reached the age where they needed to start keeping track of their own records.

Kathy K., Cleveland TN

Multiple times over the years I’ve started new files, trying to get all my paper stashes under control, to no avail. I love this system, and I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! Now, when I go through papers (many of which are in various boxes and piles), I will have a permanent home for them… and it will be a lot easier to decide what to keep and what to toss!

G. Leitzel, Self-Employed Music Professional, York PA

We have been using FreedomFiler for five years and we absolutely love it! FreedomFiler has made filing tremendously easy and convenient, and we find we spend very little time keeping our records in order. This was one of the best purchases we have ever made! We HIGHLY recommend purchasing this product!

S. Kanz, Tacoma WA

Thanks for the wonderful, sanity-saving FreedomFiler system. I’m still in awe over having a “self-purging” filing system that works simultaneously for my work and personal files. Both of my filing cabinets are under control for the first time in years, and I haven't had to take even one “catch-up” day to keep them that way.

J. Jessen, St. Louis MO

Thanks to FreedomFiler, my tax information is all ready to go as soon as all the official forms come in the mail! I love the product. It has helped me so much! I HATE paper, and I’ve always been horrible at paper control. Once I set up my system, it’s so easy to transition from one year to the next now!

Ashley A.

This filing system is exactly what I've been looking for! The FreedomFiler is so easy to set up and it has really helped us get our paperwork organized. I did some research before deciding to purchase and I'm very happy with our decision to go with the FreedomFlier system!

T. Mills, Los Angeles CA

Thanks so much! My husband and I can’t believe we waited so long to order this product. We feel so much better about our record keeping, and the office looks much cleaner. It took no time to sort through the piles we had sitting around!

P. Black, NAVY Seal, Trainer, San Diego CA

Every year at this time a certain calm comes over me as I embark on my year-end filing routine – thanks to you. I just last night switched my ODD/EVEN year hanging folders and was done with filing in about ten minutes. I love it.

Anonymous, Aubrey TX

My filing system is absolutely fantastic now. I really don’t think I could be more organized! It is a great feeling! I don’t know how you came up with the idea or the system, but it is terrific. I have recommended it to many, many friends.

L. Lindquist

I never learned to file. My hand printed tabs used to look so messy and disorganized. These labels made it easy to set up my filing system. No more horizontal stacks on tabletop and desktop surfaces.

B.C., Chesapeake VA

The only problem I have found with Freedom Filer is that there are no additional supplies to purchase once the filing system is set up! I just enjoyed changing over the new year in my business files. Thank you.

P. Haine, Human Interface Consultant, San Francisco CA

Absolutely Brilliant!!! It’s blended into my workflow easily and I see no reason to ever change it. After two years, another effortless rotation of the FreedomFiler!! Thank you for your invention.

T. Wood

I own my own business and thanks to this system I was able to get my filing organized. I'm very, very pleased. And yes, I would recommend.

T. W.

I love FreedomFiler! My papers are so much more organized. It’s easy to use and keeps you discarding old papers in a timely manner.


Great system—definitely worth the cost. My filing cabinet is organized and it is so much easier to find anything that has been filed away.

Sam E.

What to say? I am ADD and this was the best decision I ever made. Wish I had done it three years ago when I first found out about it.

R. Yankowski, Carlsbad CA

The FreedomFiler has been an absolute wonder in my life. I can’t wait to change my “EVEN” and “ODD” years. Thank you!


This has helped me so much in not only having filing organized but to also know what to keep and for how long.

T. Hochman, Network Software Consultant, Denver CO

I have never been this organized in my entire life. Every friend and family member I know needs a FreedomFiler!

B. Guzman

This is just what I needed. FreedomFiler works as described and helped me organize my files perfectly. 

J. Landaverde

Great organization tool. Five stars.

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Just The Right File

L. Finch, Grandmother and Photographer, Edgewater FL

I am so thrilled with your system. Whoever designed this is brilliant. I couldn’t wait to go out and buy the hanging folders. (Note: purchase the better quality, and buy them ahead of time.) I found that once I started setting it up, I didn’t want to stop—so make sure you buy at least four boxes of hanging folders (you can always return the unused, but trust me you’ll use them). Yes it does take time to set up, but WOW what a relief to know where everything is when you’re looking for it. In fact just two days after setting up the system, my husband needed an important paper and without me even showing him the system, he found that paper with ease. I would have spent hours looking through boxes. Thank you FreedomFlier! I’m highly recommending the FreedomFiler to all my friends and family.

Diana D., Small Business Owner, Torrance CA

I worked again this weekend using the FreedomFiler and find that it is becoming a big help to me. FreedomFiler has provided me the overall structure that I was seeking for so long and whenever necessary, I can expand it in deeper detail via the categories you supplied. I very much appreciate the “Filing a Document” page. Whenever I became “stuck” trying to figure out where to file a document, I referred to that page and solved each “dilemma.” Having this concept explained really takes the agony out of filing. Thank you very much for all your hard work in developing this system.

A. Bowen, ESL Teacher, Performer, San Diego CA

As a creative, artistically inclined person, my organizational priorities are often scattered. For years I have been trying to get the right information into the right file. The overlapping categories I had created over the years resulted in confusion and a heightened sense of ambiguity. No more with FreedomFiler! Now all my information is in one place where I can easily understand how the different pieces fit together over time. This year, doing my taxes was a no-brainer. It’s nice to feel organized and in control over my documents. Thanks FreedomFiler!

M. Ellery, CEO, Sydney New South Wales Australia

The Queen of Hearts Community Foundation, is a registered not for profit located in Penrith, Sydney Australia. We received our Business 1/5 Tab FreedomFiler and we are so excited. Never have we been excited about filing until now. FreedomFiler is simple, effective, and when you rely on casual staff and volunteers to assist with filing, everyone stays on track and no important papers are lost or misfiled. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and product.

Scottish Lady, Dumfriesshire UK

I have always been confused by filing. I had started MANY filing systems, only to find they never worked. This system is superb. I had to alter it to suit the UK1, but the end result is, that I have finished it, and will never need to do another one. I find the rotating yearly files, and the keep-until-the-price-changes files make this system excellent for me. I would recommend this system to others arguing with themselves or others over filing.

1. FreedomFiler is now internationalized for Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK, and US.

J. Stump

FreedomFiler is wonderful and very simple to follow. Unless you have an elaborate system already, it’s easy to start small with general categories and add as you develop a customized system. Instructions are clear and there are a lot of blank labels to add for your situation but the many labels already included give you lots of tips and help you categorize well, in addition to making sure you don’t forget anything. Love it and would highly recommend.


Thinking we’re pretty smart, we’ve organized our files our own way for twenty years and then ignored the fact that we can’t find documents 75% of the time. Now, when my wife, my kid, or the CPA ask for anything, I’ve got it in my hand instantly. I’m drinking the Kool Aid and I bought a set for each of my kids when they went to college. I can’t imagine ever trying to set up my files on my own ever again.

A. R. Tompkins, Poughkeepsie NY

This system is the best. I love being able to go to the files and pull out immediately what I need, and having a place for everything. I would recommend this to every person. I love, love, love it. It has been a teacher, in that I no longer have piles of paper to be filed. The minute that I receive a paper it gets filed because it has a file folder waiting or it.


AMAZING! FREEDOMFILER IS ORGANIZED. I was very intimidated at first. I just did what the great instruction that come with it said to do. The very best part about this is that it has titles and then subtitles so you don’t have to move your folder around. You just keep adding to your subtitles under your MAIN title. It saves so much time. VERY, VERY SMART.


This is a really great system. Even though I try to scan as many things as possible and then toss them, there’s still a lot of things you want to keep in paper—either because you need originals or they’re too big or lengthy to scan. FreedomFiler is an incredibly well thought out, elegant system. The basic starter kit is worth what it costs.

Abigail O., Life Coach, Trainer, Del Mar CA

Whenever a new document comes in the house I know exactly where to put it. I’m no longer afraid of what to do with paper. The FreedomFiler organizes your mind and your thinking. It’s a wonderful system. You only have to touch papers once. I recommend it to all my clients. It is truly the cure for paper pain!

M. Goss, Scottsdale AZ

What a wonderful set of ideas and format, I applaud you. I am in the process of getting all my things in one place and digging in! Thank you for creating such a great product! I wish you all the success in the world—you have a great thing going! Hope your loyal followers grow by leaps and bounds!

M. Lozano, Marketing Consultant, London UK

Little by little our lives seem to be getting in place now with our mega filerMy husband keeps trying to find flaws to the filer, but he just never succeeds. We also realized while filing up that we did not have car insurance for the last six months, and that we were receiving some bills twice.

O. Kipnes, Owner of Hot Wax Mobile Music, Richmond BC Canada

FreedomFiler has made my filing system look like a work of art! I get excited to open my filing cabinet and this system has made retrieving or filing a document easy! The labeling options are plentiful and the colored labels make sense, allowing for time savings and efficiency.

D. Adams, Saint Louis MO

Thank you so much for your awesome FreedomFiler! I am the blessed winner of the “Messiest Desk” and love how the FreedomFiler works. The whole filing system is amazing. You’ve thought of everything, which makes my life on a daily basis not only neater but also much easier!


I’ve been using this system for years now, and I like it more and more as time passes. For years now, I haven't had any unopened mail sitting around, or papers waiting to be filed. It takes so little time to maintain that it just gets done. FreedomFiler is a well though out, logical system.

K.B., San Marcos CA

I had a great day at work with the FreedomFiler system in place. I don’t feel as overwhelmed now, because I really do know what I need to do – and if I get distracted I have a place to put what I’m working on and can go back to it later instead of having piles of papers on my desk!

J.G., Merrill Lynch, San Diego CA

My new FreedomFiler system got me from thinking about filing to actually filing! Having folders vertically positioned instead of having a stack with no direction and simplifying it to a few folders gives me an action plan to actually begin working on my tasks that are in progress.

D. Schumacher, San Diego CA

I wanted to let you know how wonderful my file system is! The Active files work great and my husband is now even catching on with where to put our bills, coupons, etc. There really is a place for everything. I finally feel like I have all my papers under control.

A. Cummings, Woburn MA

I LOVE MY FREEDOM FILER!! I know exactly what to keep and can find what I’m looking for every time. I got my FreedomFiler after a costly error came about because I couldn’t find an important document. A great home office tool. An excellent investment. Thank you.

Anonymous, San Diego CA

Thank you! I just bought this system two days ago and it is already so helpful. I love that the files themselves help you know what to get rid of and what to keep. Replaces my muddling around with various books and websites trying to figure it all out on my own.

R. Law

I really needed this. It’s a very logical filing system that helped me on my way to better organization. Yes, you can make your own labels, but these are neat bold type and color-coded to go with the filing system.

L. Roundy, Teacher, Oakland CA

I don’t file unless it’s a positive experience—otherwise I just don't do it. FreedomFiler has all the flexibility I would ever need or want.

A. Tompkins

FreedomFiler is the best filing system ever. Everything has its own home. I would recommend this to anyone.

R. N. Austin

This filing system is wonderful. It has everything you need. I am sure I will be much more organized now.

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I Love My FreedomFiler!

J. Smyth, Newark NY

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your product! I have NEVER been this organized before. I keep running upstairs to take another look at my creation :). I love the fact that the kit comes with blank labels for each color, too, so that I can add my own label titles, such as “Garbage Removal” and “Divorce,” etc. Thank you so much for offering such a unique idea!


I love this system! FreedomFiler thought of EVERYTHING. They even have tabs for Genealogy. It took me several days to set up, but I am so glad I took the time, because I do not think I'll ever have to do it again! My favorite part is the Resources section, which allowed me to create a place for my husband's farm papers. I HIGHLY recommend this system. 


I love this filing kit—a must have. It’s very easy to use. I started using it for my home document folders, and now my sister is interested in getting one for hers. It’s very user friendly and perfect for home office and personal filing. I like that you don’t need to change the labels as you change say, your phone or TV company.

Ellen M., Seattle WA

I love my FreedomFiler. It is a true blessing, and is helping me organize my personal finances, my new business, my resources, and most important to me, my writing. Thank you for an excellent product. How refreshing to deal with a company that is flexible and responsive.

C. Hicks

I love the FreedomFiler! This was just what I needed for my home office. I’m going to use the FreedomFiler on my husband's files and help my father with his files also. I like that the FreedomFiler website had answers to questions that I might have had about the product.

Erica, Full-Service Travel Agency Owner

I don’t know what I would do without my FreedomFiler. I have the home version as well as the self-employed version. FreedomFiler makes my files so easy to keep organized, and it is easy to adjust if need be! I love FreedomFiler. 


I love my FreedomFiler. It took a couple of days to implement in this busy household, but now that it’s done and everything is filed, I’m so happy. It’s totally worth not thinking about it and having to make my own system.

G. Gill-Hesselgrave, Human Factors Consultant, San Diego CA

I truly love my FreedomFiler. As folks who know me both personally and professionally will tell you, I am a harsh critic and usually the best anyone or any product gets from me is “it doesn’t suck.” Good job!

Anonymous, Knoxville TN

I am setting up FreedomFiler for the year. I like FreedomFiler so much I am about to order a set for my boss’s company and personal files as well. Thank you!


I love my FreedomFiler. It’s simple, easy, visually pleasing, and helps me consistently organize my papers! Nothing could be better than that.

J. Smallwood, Newport Beach CA

I love your filing system. Never have I been so organized. I sing your praises every day. Thank you for your creative product.


FreedomFiler condenses four filing cabinets into two drawers, and I will be able to find my stuff! I love this!

Emily, Meadowview VA

I absolutely love the system! The extra folders and labels made it well worth purchasing.

D. Fields, Public Defender, Santa Cruz CA

FreedomFiler is just the coolest thing ever made, period. THANK YOU!

D. Branco

FreedomFiler is the best filing system ever!!!! I recommend it to all!

D. Walker

Everyone should have this filing system! What a great concept!

K. Agrimson

This is a wonderful filing system—best money I’ve ever spent.

A. R. Tompkins, Poughkeepsie NY

I love, love, love this filing system. It is absolutely the best.

V. Wills

I love FreedomFiler—completely worth the money!

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Anonymous, USA

Hearing my husband describe how he uses FreedomFiler is like foreplay for me. He never used to talk about filing. It's changed our relationship.

Mary S., Seattle WA

Whoever came up with this system deserves the Nobel Prize.

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National Association of Professional Organizers is abbreviated NAPO.
Certified Professional Organizer is abbreviated CPO.

S. Hellinger, NAPO San Francisco President, Morgan Hill CA

My client today was ecstatic with the system. She wanted to come down to San Diego to meet and thank you in person, and also wanted to know why it wasn’t available in shops for everyone to purchase. She had previously had an organizer who installed a pre-made system and I saw how well that was working—there was hardly anything in the files as a book had to be used to “cross reference.” Due to her previous bad experience, I was a little dubious as to how she would take to another pre-made system. I’d set up the system that I bought at the NAPO conference as a demo and took it along with me today and slowly explained how it works (and she has a LOT of bills to pay every month - so throwing all of them together appealed!). When I asked whether she’d like to set it up and that we could use the system that I brought along, her reaction was of utter excitement. By the time I left, she was independently picking up papers asking herself the questions needed to determine where it should be filed, and understood the concept of ODD/EVEN years and the two identical reference files. The system really is empowering for individuals who’ve been mystified by filing—it has a simple but logical brilliance to it. Thank you for all your work put into this. I’m now just as excited as my client as I’ve seen the difference it’s going to make for her and her family.

E. Corso, Shades of Green Organizing, San Diego CA

As a professional organizer, I’m a little embarrassed to say that it took me a while to take the time to find out what the FreedomFiler was all about. The reason was that I am so frequently approached by vendors who wish to interest me in their products, and rarely do I see anything (particularly when it comes to filing) that makes any real difference for my clients. Not so with the FreedomFiler! It covers every feature I was already implementing in the customized systems I created for clients, and much more. Like most really brilliant products, it inspires responses such as “Why didn’t I think of that?” and, “Why would anyone use anything else?” I didn’t think my own filing system could be significantly improved, until I started using the FreedomFiler. The real payoff came when the New Year rolled around, and in five minutes I had all my filing updated and ready to go for the next year. The FreedomFiler truly sets a new industry standard in organizing products. I am so grateful to be able to introduce my clients to a tool that is really and truly going to make their lives easier!

Karen DeClark, KD Organizing, Sterling Heights MI

I saw your product at the NAPO conference in San Diego and was very impressed with it and bought one. I have always struggled with paperwork and maintaining a file system. My monthly bills always ended up in a shoe box and then put aside to be sorted at tax time when I would reorganize the system again and then repeat the paper pile up year after year. Becoming a professional organizer I knew I had to find a system that I believed in and knew would work. Well, a couple weeks ago I set up the FreedomFiler and went through every piece of paper in my home and office. What a job. I gave it a month to see if I could use it with ease and when bill time came my auto club renewal went into the file, the old one came out and the rest of the bills got plunked into the June folder. What fun! It was painless! I am interested in taking your training seminar. Thanks for developing such a cool product. I have never endorsed a product before but I feel that this system is life changing. Thanks for your time.

K. Burns, AddSpace To Your Life! CPO, Leucadia CA

I use FreedomFiler for every client that needs a new file system. This is a brilliant system which teaches my clients what papers they need to keep and what they can toss. Most importantly, it has a built in self-purging aspect so papers do not stay in the file drawers once they are obsolete. It is color coded and time sensitive and once it is built, it is good for life with the simple addition of a new tab here and there. All categories are generic so that if my clients move or fire AT&T, they don’t have to relabel because the file is named “Telephone.” It also has an incredible action system for papers in progress. It is completely customizable. I have mom and pop home files to multimillion dollar corporations using this system.

D. Rosemont, Simply Placed, Sammamish WA

I love the FreedomFiler. It is an invaluable resource both to my clients, and to other professional organizers that I work with. The FreedomFiler makes filing easy, intuitive, and fun. It is not an exaggeration to say that the FreedomFiler has positively changed the lives of clients and workshop attendees that use the system. They now have a smart and effective way to file their papers, a solution for document retention, and the freedom from spending lots of time maintaining their files. The FreedomFiler is easy to customize so I can use it with all sorts of clients. The support FreedomFiler provides is great as well. I can recommend this product with out hesitation. I’m passionate about it because it works!

D. B. Lee, Clear Spaces, CPO, St. Louis MO

My client is a top-notch professional who hates paperwork—especially filing. Even with the help of an accountant, my client had to file for an extension every year for her income taxes. Getting her receipts and paper work together for the accountant was overwhelming. I installed FreedomFiler to remedy the problem. My client was delighted by the simplicity and the flexibility of the system, but my client’s accountant was overjoyed. For the first time the taxes were completed before the deadline because all of the paperwork and receipts were organized. The accountant thanked me for making her job easier by installing FreedomFiler for my client!

T. Zavadil, Hire-a-Hand Enterprises, Vancouver BC Canada

FreedomFiler with no borders! My Canadian clients and I have finally found a filing solution that just makes sense to both right and left brain thinkers. The rotating files (a built-in exit strategy for our papers) prompt us to review our papers and toss as we reuse the hanging tabbed folders for years to come. Company-wide filing standards can be established with this system—as new staff come and go, the system remains as a part of the company’s training program. BRILLIANT! Thank you for inventing this Seth Odam and I’m looking forward to future business developments and a special thank you to Christa Wagner for introducing me to FreedomFiler.

J. Coveny, Your Versatile Virtual Assistant, Santa Cruz CA

I was fairly resistant to pre-made filing systems for a long time. I felt my customized systems best suited my clients’ individual needs. Then I attended a presentation about FreedomFiler and I couldn’t believe how perfect it seemed! I have been installing FreedomFiler with nearly all my clients and everyone loves it! It’s so easy to set up and explain and really fits everyone’s needs—from families to business owners. The pricing is fair and it never gets dull breaking out each new pack for a new client. I think this system can help anyone have a more organized life. There’s no question that my favorite tool is the FreedomFiler.

G. Perry, Harmonious Connections, Payson UT

Having been in business for thirty-five years and knowing that many people still prefer to keep paper records, I was excited to find the FreedomFiler at the NAPO Convention. Since then I have shared this unique system with my clients and students. Because the FreedomFiler combines both fixed and rotating systems, clients have the ability to keep a minimum amount of papers and yet be able to adapt it to their personal needs with the use of additional blank labels. Thank you, Seth Odam, for giving us a wonderful alternative to the computer and yet have at our fingertips just the records we really need. Best of all, it’s so simple!

M. Donnelly, Project Manager, Pleasanton CA

As the owner of a professional organizing business, paper management is an important subject to me and my clients. I first tried the FreedomFiler for my personal system before offering it to my clients. The set-up process is so customizable and simple, that it consistently delivers what my clients are looking for in a filing system. One of my favorite elements is the Quick Reference Index that provides the location of where a document should be filed, when in doubt. This reassures me, as an organizer, that my clients can maintain the system on their own. I love it and talk about the FreedomFiler whenever I can!

C. Livingston, Clarity Professional Organizers LLC, Dublin GA

I recently attended a five-day intensive workshop in order to become a Certified Professional Organizer. On Day Three, I leapt from my seat and declared that every penny that I spent at that workshop was justified. For on that day, at that precise moment, we had just been given our introduction to FreedomFiler. If I learned nothing else from that excellent workshop, I felt I had gotten my money’s worth just to learn about FreedomFiler!!!! I think this is the best system I’ve ever heard of and I’ve told a number of people about it already.

P. Bowers, Organized Chaos, Plano TX 

Since seeing the system demonstrated at the annual conference for the National Association of Professional Organizers, I’ve set this system up for several clients. Some simply needed a home system, some have home-based businesses, and I’ve adapted the system to a corporate account as well. My coworker and I are currently setting up the system for ourselves. The system is so conforming to individual needs! An added benefit--since it’s so easy to use, it’s easy to explain to clients. Thank you for a wonderful product!

S. Davies, Organizer, Seattle WA

I was shocked and excited when I saw the materials for the FreedomFiler class. They far exceeded all of my expectations. I have referred to the manual many times since coming home and the disc with all the forms on it has been a dream. I can’t forget YOU! I was so impressed with how you taught the class and your commitment to your students. I learned so much and I had a ton of fun doing it.

M. Ellis, Lighthouse Organizers, Walnut Creek CA

I just finished my certification training and took a FreedomFiler example system in a filing crate to my professional network meeting. The minute I brought it out, I was swamped with interested people and questions and sold three sets right on the spot. One member also wants me to do a home party for all of her clients. This product sells itself!

A. Hoffman, Consultant, Lobbyist, Washington DC

The FreedomFiler is a filing system that actually organizes itself. No more time is wasted on reviewing files. I set up the system for a client and have had excellent results. I wish I HAD set up a FreedomFiler for a previous client years ago. I had to plow through files from 1993 and 1996 that would have been long gone if he used the system.

M. Marquis, Organizer, San Francisco CA

The client I set up FreedomFiler with asked me to come again because she had just moved. She proudly showed me her files, her face beaming, saying how truly wonderful this system is. I tell people about it every chance I get... Great work! I am very grateful to be able to recommend such a fine system to people. All the best.

M. Dennis, Neat Streak, CPO, Gahanna OH

As an organizer, FreedomFiler gives my clients a framework to set up a filing system. Tabs not only show what to keep but how long (this is a real road block for many people). Extra labels allow customization for naming files uniquely. The color labels help visual learners find papers easily. Thanks for a great product.

H. Yarbrough, Ordered Spaces, Indialantic FL

I attended the professional organizers national conference… I was totally blown away by your product and am a true believer. I immediately came home and implemented it for myself. I have already sold your product to several of my clients. This is saving me tremendous training costs within my business.

S. Anderson, Simplified Living Solutions, St. Louis MO

I’m so excited about FreedomFiler! I went back to our first chapter meeting since conference and took a FreedomFiler with me. I explained it to everyone and told them how and why I thought it was the end-all for filing systems—perfect in every instance. I’ve also pushed it with all of my potential client calls.

S. Miller, Administrative Specialist, Auburn CA

I heard about your company and products at the NAPO National Conference... thus far, the clients I have set-up this system for have been EXTREMELY satisfied... and I love it as well... it saves me a great deal of time setting up home files and home office files. Thanks for perfecting a great product!

P. Neckar, One Difference, San Antonio TX

I have been an organizer for seven years here in San Antonio, Texas. I learned about the FreedomFiler...and I am so excited about this product —it’s the best I’ve used. I already purchased three kits and look forward to selling many more. Thanks for a wonderful tool to use with my clients!

S. Freeman, Get Organized Now! Key West FL

FreedomFiler is a revolutionary new system that eliminates the need to review and cull your files. FreedomFiler makes it a lot easier to think things through when the filing gets rough. I have applied it to nearly all of my filing systems.

B. Browning, Order Within, Arcata CA

The guy who invented this was using both sides of his brain when he created it. FreedomFiler is intelligent, creative, and effective. I am excited to join the FreedomFiler community and begin offering this amazing system to my clients!

D. L. DeMorrow, HeartWork Organizing, CPO, Wenonah NJ

Thank you for a great product. I’ve had the opportunity to use it with several of my professional organizing clients, and it does save me time, as well as giving them a framework to help them maintain their paperwork.

A. Denton, Time To Get Organized! Missouri City TX

I hope FreedomFiler will be out in force at the NAPO National Conference so everyone can see what a wonderful system it is. Have a great time and wow everyone with FreedomFiler!

L. Guzzo, Working Space, Newport Beach CA

I love the FreedomFiler. I have installed over 35 kits in a little over a year. Thank you for all the hard work to bring this product to market. It really does make a difference in people’s lives.

L. Stahlsmith, Simple Works, Seattle WA

I love the system. It’s revolutionized my approach to paper both internally and with my clients, and never ceases to amaze me how it stands up to the test time and again. Thanks!

K. Brown, Impact Organizing, CPO, FL

It’s true—FreedomFiler is designed to keep you purging as you go. It’s the best system we have ever used. FreedomFiler continues to be an excellent product.

H. Lambie, CPO, St. Petersburg FL

I am a Certified Professional Organizer, NAPO member, and a HUGE fan of FreedomFilerIt’s the ONLY filing system I recommend to clients.

J. Medina, Organizer, San Diego CA

After setting up and using FreedomFiler, I now see why so many people rave about this product.

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