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Find An Organizer

Organizing consultants earn the FreedomFiler System Certification by passing an exam.

Choose an organizer by reviewing websites below and inquiring for further information. Consult the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals for how to hire an organizer. Organizers are responsible for their services and content.

Organizers who provide virtual organizing sessions or courses are listed first, in alphabetical order. 

Virtual Organizers

All organizers are listed alphabetically by state, then by city, in the U.S.A.


Website City Exam
dma Organizing & Moves Berkeley 1.0
Organizing with Amy Davis 1.0
Standolyn Robertson Los Angeles 1.0
Organized & Energized! San Diego 1.0
Cowan & Company San Diego 1.0
Karen Brothers San Diego 1.0
Omnibus Organizing San Ramon 1.0


Website City Exam
Spark Productivity Chicago 1.0


Website City Exam
We Love Messes Chicago 1.0


Website City Exam
Design Solutions by Mimi Ballwin 1.0
Organization In Bloom Fenton 1.0
Simplified Living Solutions Imperial 1.0
Life Synchronized St. Louis 1.0
SOS Simple Organized Solutions St. Louis 1.0
Peace of Mind Organizing St. Louis 1.0


Website City Exam
Organizing For Everyday Albuquerque 1.0


Website City Exam
To The Next Level Stony Brook 1.0


Website City Exam
The Move Makers LLC Lake Oswego 1.0
SolutionsForYou Inc. Chicago 1.0


Website City Exam
Minimologist Hellertown 1.0
HeartWork Organizing Wayne 1.0


Website City Exam
Organizing Ease LLC Spring Hill 1.0


Website City Exam
Devine Elements of Design Lancaster 1.0


Website City Exam
Clear & Simple LLC Fremont 1.0
The Happy Gal Kaysville 1.0


Website City Exam
Just Organize It McLean 1.0


Website City Exam
uncluttered Lynnwood 1.0
Simply Placed Sammamish 1.0

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FreedomFiler System Certification
Version 1.0

Independent consultants passing the version 1.0 exam participate in a six hour seminar and demonstrate knowledge in the following areas:

  • FreedomFiler color classifications
  • self-purging filing systems having rotating, replaceable, and permanent files
  • optimizing file, retrieval, and maintenance time
  • configuring FreedomFiler for home, self-employed, and business settings
  • set-up options such as month or category files
  • identifying the reason documents are kept to determine where to file
  • how to use FreedomFiler Color Index, File Index, and Document Index
  • communicating ultimate responsibility for keeping documents rests with client and their advisor
  • client session approaches, including clearing and setting aside legacy files to begin anew
  • utilizing FreedomFiler product materials and accessories
  • filing system assembly
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