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Please find answers to frequently asked questions below. For further questions please check out our filing system demonstrations, or contact us.

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Why FreedomFiler?

FreedomFiler clarifies your life or business by color-coding files according to the reason documents are kept.

  • Simplify filing with month files and easy folder names such as “Insurance” or “Vehicle.”
  • Locate documents you need by keeping out what you don’t.
  • Free yourself from cleaning out and relabeling files.

See testimonials.

What is a self-purging filing system?

Outdated documents are discarded at the time of filing new oneswithout review.

How are files purged?

For documents not requiring action:

  • Permanent files keep documents for the lifetime of a person or property. Pass files to a new owner, or heirs.
  • Replaceable files keep documents until replaced automatically by a newer version.
  • Rotating files form a cycle that repeats, so files are continually emptied and reused with the passing of time.

See demos.

Why keep documents and for how long?

Document Type Reason to keep How long to keep
Active Requires action Act and refile
Monthly Inquiry, indecision 2 to 24-month cycle1
Tax Tax preparation Archive after taxes
Archive Tax audit, claim 5 or 10-year cycle1
Resource Saved project Partition and rotate
Permanent History, resale Lifetime
Remove/Replace Agreement, list Until replaced2
Contact Contact file copy Partition and rotate

1. FreedomFiler can be adapted to keep documents as long as required.
2. Documents can be refiled in the Archive when replaced.

What file names are included with FreedomFiler?

Preview filing labels and guides by browsing our products.

Where do I file a document?

Look up any document with the Document Index included with your FreedomFiler system.

Can I customize FreedomFiler labels?

Yes. Apply letter and number tags provided, print with Word or Pages templates, or handwrite. 

Can I expand FreedomFiler?

Yes. Expand FreedomFiler without limit. Ready-to-go file headings accommodate a wide variety of personal and business needs. Choose subtopic labels according to the level of detail required. Systems include blank labels and additional labels are available.

Do labels stick onto, or insert into file tabs?

Both. FreedomFiler label sheets can be used as stickers or tear out inserts. View binder labels are insertable only.

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Choosing Your FreedomFiler

Which system is best for me?

We’ll walk you through choosing the best filing system for you or your organization!

Does FreedomFiler include folders, tabs, binders, or binder pockets?

Filing system accessories are sold separately. FreedomFiler filing system kits include labels and instructions.

Can I make my own FreedomFiler out of standard file labels?

Yes, for individual use, although we recommend purchasing FreedomFiler's color-coded labels, ready-to-go file headings, and printed indices. Save the time and cost of making your own labels—we've done it for you!

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Best Place To Buy

Should I buy from www.freedomfiler.com or Amazon in the USA?

FreedomFiler provides the same or lower prices when ordering directly from us rather than through our Amazon store. Registering with FreedomFiler provides benefits such as the option to receive email reminders to rotate your files, and important announcements about new products, updates, and promotions.

How do I order FreedomFiler from outside the USA?

Country Order from…
Canada Amazon Canada
1/5 Tab filing style products available.
Everywhere else Amazon USA Worldwide Export
Receive a 30% courtesy refund after ordering by contacting us. International shipping charges and customs duty may apply and are not eligible for the 30% refund.

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What supplies do I need?

Do I need a rainbow of folder colors?

No. For simplicity and aesthetics we recommend using a single folder color that matches your decor and personality, or a neutral color. FreedomFiler labels provide color-coding. Use separate folder colors for separate filing systems such as a home system and business system. A self-employed system requires only one folder color.

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Set-up Tips and Time Required

How do I begin? Do I have to clean out my legacy files first?

Rather than wait to clean out legacy files, set up FreedomFiler and begin filing new papers right away. Legacy files can be set aside and transferred in batches or as needed. If you are overwhelmed by paper piles, gather up the piles and tag them with a sticky note or cover sheet, removing only urgent items. Move inactive legacy files to storage until transferred, or until enough time has passed so they can be discarded. Transferring and purging legacy files is easier after you experience using FreedomFiler.

How do I choose among printed file labels?

Refer to the Color Index and File Index included in your filing guide for a description of documents belonging to each file. Follow examples and instructions provided for each color-coded section.

What if I use few or none of the labels from a printed label sheet?

Choose only the labels that apply to you. It’s ok if you don’t need any labels from a particular sheet.

Should I peel off or tear out labels?

FreedomFiler labels can be used both ways. Both methods are fast with practice. Each method has advantages listed below. Refer to your filing guide for assembly instructions.

Peel-off Stickers Tear-out Inserts
  • Peel a single label from a sheet without tearing.
  • Easily locate, print, and store labels.
  • Secure stickers onto the outside or inside of a file tab (or apply to paper inserts).
  • Labels insert easily into a file tab.

How much time is required to set up FreedomFiler?

The example system shown in your filing guide includes about sixty files. It requires at least 1/2 hour to assemble. We recommend setting aside two to three hours for set-up, allowing time to choose your labels and become familiar with the system. Allow additional time for multi-drawer systems, printing custom labelsreusing existing files, and transferring legacy documents.

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Customer Support, Shipping, and Returns

Will I receive support?

Yes. Please contact us with questions.

Can I return FreedomFiler?

Yes, within 90 days of purchase for unworn items. Please see our return policy.

How quickly do I receive FreedomFiler in the USA?

Products arrive within 1–5 business days from the time of your order. Please see shipping information for details and expedited delivery.

How do I order FreedomFiler from outside the USA?

Country Order from…
Canada Amazon Canada
1/5 Tab filing style products available.
Everywhere else Amazon USA Worldwide Export
Receive a 30% courtesy refund after ordering by contacting us. International shipping charges and customs duty may apply and are not eligible for the 30% refund.

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Coupons and Affordability

How do I get a coupon?

FreedomFiler coupons are provided only to affiliates for exclusive presentations. Coupons advertised or posted on the Web are are barred to provide fair service to all customers and reward affiliates for real referrals.

What if I can't afford FreedomFiler?

Please contact us to request a discount if your circumstances match any below and you can provide documentation.1 Discounts are not available after placing an order.

Annual income below1 Discount
$50,000 10%
$40,000 15%
$30,000 20%
$20,000 25%
$10,000 30%

1. Obtaining a discount may require an emailed image of your tax return line showing adjusted gross income. Please cover sensitive information.

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Locally Made Products

Where is FreedomFiler made?

FreedomFiler® USA makes products locally whenever feasible:

Made in USA Made outside USA
  • filing labels
  • printed guides
  • resealable envelopes
  • binder pockets
  • binder guards

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