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Hanging Files

Please note 1/5-cut tabs are included with hanging files. 1/3-cut tabs can be purchased separately. See FAQ below for further information about tabs.

Shop hanging file pockets to hold a large volume of documents.

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Smead Pendaflex
 Hanging File Letter Size Smead Taupe-Gray
  • outstanding precision
  • a complete view of FreedomFiler labels inside tabs (including top 116th inch of labels)
  • easy inserting of tabs into slots
  • warm colors with dyed paper
  • lower cost
  • local US manufacturing
  • clear-coated edges protect from wear and stains (with purchase of “Premium Reinforced” line)
  • cool colors painted on files


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Taupe-Gray Letter
Black Letter
Forest Green Letter Legal
Bright Green Letter
Teal Letter
Aqua Letter
Blue Letter Legal
Navy Letter
Purple Letter
Lavendar Letter
Pink Letter
Red Letter Legal
Maroon Letter
Orange Letter
Yellow Letter Legal

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Gray Letter Legal
Black Letter Legal
Olive Green Letter Legal
Bright Green Letter Legal
Teal Letter Legal
Aqua Letter Legal
Blue Letter Legal
Navy Letter Legal
Violet Letter Legal
Pink Letter Legal
Red Letter Legal
Burgundy Letter Legal
Orange Letter Legal
Yellow Letter Legal

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Do I need to buy file tabs separately?


  • 1/5-cut tabs are commonly included when you buy hanging files.
  • FreedomFiler 1/3 Tab filing systems provide main topic labels for either 1/5-cut or 1/3-cut tabs, so you can use 1/5-cut tabs with any FreedomFiler hanging file system!
When should I purchase additional file tabs?
  • If you would like to use JUMBO main headings with a FreedomFiler 1/3 Tab filing system, purchase 1/3-cut tabs only if your hanging files do not include them already.
  • If you upgrade from Pendaflex to Smead tabs, for a complete view of FreedomFiler labels (including top 116th inch of labels).
  • If you use a FreedomFiler 1/5 Tab fling system and you run out of tabs. This might happen if you own files with missing tabs, or if you use section header tabs. Section header tabs are optional.

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