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Hanging File Tabs

Please note 1/5-cut tabs are included when you buy hanging files.

FreedomFiler recommends Smead brand tabs for:

  • precision manufacturing
  • a complete view of FreedomFiler labels
  • easy inserting into hanging file slots
  • standard widths
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 Hanging File Tab 1/5-Cut  1/5-Cut
 Hanging File Tab 1/3-Cut 1/3-Cut 


Do I need to buy hanging file tabs with my FreedomFiler system?


When should I purchase additional file tabs?
  • If you would like to use JUMBO main headings with a FreedomFiler 1/3 Tab filing system, purchase 1/3-cut tabs if your hanging files do not include them already.
  • If you upgrade from Pendaflex to Smead tabs for a complete view of FreedomFiler labels (including top 116th inch of labels).
  • If you use a FreedomFiler 1/5 Tab fling system and you run out of tabs. This might happen if you're missing tabs, or you use optional header tabs.