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filing system labels, 1/3-cut, green
filing system labels, 1/3-cut, green
filing system labels, 1/3-cut, green

Monthly 1/3 Tab Blank File Labels, 4-Pack

$2.99 USD

  • Expand your FreedomFiler 1/3 Tab filing system by printing custom titles onto FreedomFiler labels.
  • Includes blank color-coded file labels: 120 for standard 1/3 Tab folders, 16 JUMBO main headings for 1/3-cut hanging file tabs, plus 16 main headings for 1/5-cut hanging file tabs.
  • Set up green “Monthly” files to organize non-tax-related statements and transactions—also minor correspondence, memos, notes, and indecision items.
  • EVEN YEAR, ODD YEAR, and ROTATING file headings provide easy file maintenance.
  • Handwrite or print onto blank labels using templates.
  • Peel off or tear out labels from sheets provided.
Includes file labels
hanging files with 1/5-cut or 1/3-cut tabs, 1/3-tabbed folders, optional labeling pen, file container, recommended for use with any 1/3 Tab filing system
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