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Affiliate Marketing Policy

FreedomFiler may promote affiliate organizers in the context of installing FreedomFiler systems, at its discretion.

FreedomFiler System Certification is a voluntary, non-binding, affiliate relationship. FreedomFiler plays a unique role as an end-consumer product developer.

Affiliates determine their own content and services, independently of FreedomFiler, and visa versa. FreedomFiler is the sole provider of its content and marketing. As part of its voluntary affiliate relationship, FreedomFiler may stipulate requirements for any specific promotion.

FreedomFiler promotions focus exclusively on FreedomFiler intellectual property (IP) while using FreedomFiler branding. FreedomFiler does not adopt unique IP-promises of an affiliate, nor does FreedomFiler adopt third-party logos and branding within its marketing.

FreedomFiler engages in funnel-free marketing. Pricing and services are made available to a customer upfront before committing their time or resources.

FreedomFiler operates on an IP-transparent business model. A solution to the customer's problem is openly demonstrated. A customer can then make an informed purchase, without the imposition of a deadline.

FreedomFiler operates on an equal basis to all affiliates. 

Policies are subject to revision at FreedomFiler’s discretion.