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filing system labels, blank, 1/5 tab, white
filing system labels, blank, 1/5 tab, white
filing system labels, blank, 1/5 tab, white

White 1/5 Tab Blank File Labels, 15-Pack

$9.99 USD

The fastest way to print folder labels and get them onto hanging file tabs!

Are you tired of looking at messy handwriting on your hanging file tabs? Have you ever tried to print custom file labels using perforated sheets that are expensive and awkward to tear out? Perforated sheets force you to print an entire set of labels at one time, or else you will destroy your perforated sheet! But who knows ahead of time what labels might be needed later? Where do you put the unusable scraps of labels after the sheet is broken up? How much time is wasted double folding perforations just to allow you to extract a few labels?

FreedomFiler labels offer the ultimate in convenience and flexibility.

  • Handwrite or print onto blank labels using templates for Word or Pages.
  • High quality matte finish is optimized for both ink jet and laser printers.
  • Print as many labels as you require and reuse the sheet several times.
  • Stow 8.5 x 11-inch sheets inside your file cabinet—no messy, broken-up inserts!
  • Includes 960 blank file labels for use with standard 1/5-cut tabs and hanging files.
  • Peel off labels directly from sheets. No folding or tearing is necessary.
  • Permanent adhesive labels adhere directly to front of file tabs. Alternatively, labels can be placed inside of clear tabs, or onto available inserts.
Includes file labels
hanging files with 1/5-cut tabs, optional labeling pen, file container
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